Fostering high vibration culture with outcome focused execution.

Injecting Lean Start Up Culture
Into The Enterprise

Implementing flexibility processes to rapidly deliver products to market.



Empowering Teams
With Humility

Expect EPiC Outcomes

Embrace Innovation, & Unleash People’s Passion.


EPiC is a Lean Agile enablement partner.

We support enterprises seeking flexible innovative ways of reducing waste & delivering value faster to market.  Tribal leadership techniques are used to support scaled agile adoption, instilling delivery teams with empathy, passion, integrity and courage.


  • Aligning A Vision
  • Big Room Planning
  • Agile Training


  • Uniting A Tribe
  • Delivery Leadership
  • Team Execution


  • Unleashing Passion
  • Hack Day Innovation
  • Dragon Den Innovation


  • Empowering People
  • Adaptive Portfolio Steering
  • Financial lean-budgeting


Tribal Leadership

EPiC supports organisations with the alignment, unification and empowerment of corporate tribes.

Tribes are large groups of corporate citizens, whom are bound together to deliver a common goal.  When corporate tribes are disconnected, morale is low, throughput is poor, products are low quality, staff turnover is high, customer’s are frustrated and corporate financial waste is excessive.

These same tribes when aligned with tribal leadership, a common goal and agile @ scale strategies, quickly become��high vibrancy environments, delivering higher quality products to market.  Corporate financial waste is eliminated as the tribe begins to operate lean, resulting in dramatic improvements in both employee satisfaction & business outcome to market.


Aligning A Vision

Uniting A Tribe

Unleashing Passion

Empowering People