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Agile Mindset Hacks: A Game Called ‘Chair’


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At the Melbourne Agile Transformation meetup last week, EPiC Agile co-founder Brad Bennett asked attendees “What is an agile mindset?”. After listening to answers for a while, he then reveals that he can’t teach you what an agile mindset is but he can help you enhance it.

“The way agile coaches modify mindsets is through gameplay“. Brad explains that you can model constructive or destructive systems that occur in the workplace using games.

After playing a mindset game, people walk away from it not only enjoying the experience but arriving at the point of the exercise by themselves.

The best way to learn about agile mindset games is to play them yourself, so the group played a game called “Chair”.

Watch the video to see how the Chair game played out and the learnings from it.

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Watch the video...


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