rubber balls vs crystal balls

Balancing Life Priorities? Focus On Your Crystal Balls


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When The Iconic‘s Head of Agility, Jody Weir, was asked what her greatest career achievement was, she shared a story about rubber balls and crystal balls.

In our life, there are rubber balls which are things like work and then there are crystal balls which are your health, family and relationships“, she said.

The rubber balls when dropped, bounce, whereas the crystal balls will potentially break. In life, we tend to focus more on the rubber balls“.

She goes on to say that by reminding herself to focus more on the crystal balls in her life, she has achieved a terrific balance.

My greatest achievement is having a career that I love but then also a family that I love and a life outside work while being healthy.”

This was filmed at the International Women’s Day 2019 – Women In Agile Afternoon Tea.

You can watch this part of Jody’s discussion on EPiC Agile’s YouTube channel here.

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