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How it works

There are a small number of questions for you to answer to assess four different dimensions of Business Agility (Relationships, Leadership, Individuals, and Operations) as well as 13 different sub dimensions (Customer, Workforce, Board, Partners, People Management, One Team, Strategic Agility, Enterprise Agility, Process Agility, Structural Agility, Ownership & Accountability, Craft Excellence and Growth Mindset),

What you will learn

You will immediately obtain your results, measuring your performance in each of these dimensions / sub dimensions, so you will clearly see what areas of your company is performing well in and what needs improvement.

Your customised report

At the end of the health check you will receive a completely customised report, with your score and suggestions on how you can improve it.

You will also get your comparative results and a copy of the 2nd International Business Agility Report from 2019.

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