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Business Agility Roadblock #4 – Your Vision Doesn’t Align To Your Values


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Roadblock #4. Your vision does not align to your values

There is no point in pursuing business agility if you’re just going to swarm around bad ideas. First, you need to make sure that the ideas driving your business forward are first-rate. To do this, you need to reorientate value and vision.


Misconceptions around value

Different teams have different notions of value. Your interpretation of what’s valuable to the business may sit in stark contrast to a colleague in another department. With no clear vision around value, projects and, indeed, entire companies can end up in a mess – because everybody looks at the company’s vision through a different lens.

Think of a retailer. The eCommerce division of the company will have very different goals to the bricks-and-mortar division. One wants to drive online sales; the other wants higher footfall in its stores. This misalignment can lead to conflict. What they should both be solving for, together, is what the customer wants – after all, the ultimate value to the company is customer sales and loyalty.


• Develop a centralised model for measuring business value in collaboration with the executive team, strategy teams and mid-level managers.
• Be crystal clear about what success looks like and share this with every team.
• Create objectives and key results (OKRs), and pair these with a scorecard system that reflects how teams solve challenges and deliver results.

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