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Case studies & Testimonials

Accelerate Your Business Agility Transformation Journey

Creating new sources of revenue


“It would have taken us two years”

Helen Fairclough, Director of Business Relaunch at Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, shares how partnering with EPiC amidst the pandemic lockdown in 2020 helped supercharge their recovery and create new revenue sources, quickly. If we analysed it, we might’ve thought it would be too radical. We just did it, we learnt by doing“.

Striving for Business Agility


“EPiC really helped us to start thinking differently about our business model”

Jason Hair, GM of Group Transformation at Woolworths, shares how he used EPiC to grow WooliesX using the Enterprise Business Agility model. Jason is now integrating this model into relevant parts of Woolworths Group.

How to be a great Scrum Master


“Thought-provoking, challenging and really…a lot of fun!”

Matt Kenyon, Anupam Singh and Karen Seow took part in our two-day Scrum Master course where they learnt from our experienced practitioners about how to support and optimise their Scrum teams better. 

Big Room Planning


“All I wish is that we started this process 6 months ago”

A number of our clients speak about the benefits of Big Room Planning (BRP) after just their first and second quarter using it. Click below to read our guide on what it is and how to get the most out of it.

Our brand new EPiC Coach Course


“I say, go on and do this! You may be out of your comfort zone but I’ve got a lot out of it”.

When we filmed these testimonials, the EPiC Coach was such a brand new course, that we had never run one before. After we ran the class and asked if anyone would like to speak on camera about it, four people jumped forward to say some amazing things about it.

“I think all organisations from top-down should be doing these training courses. And really having the opportunity to take time out and discover themselves but more importantly their strengths, to go back to their business and transform”.

Malcolm Lockie, Claire Edgerton, Carsten Nielsen and Bao Pham gave us the first feedback we’ve had on this course and now you can watch it here for yourself.

“All of us playing together, sharing our experiences but doing that in a safe environment. And really challenging us as a group, collectively, to push the envelope about the impact we can deliver to our clients”