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Business Agility Roadblock #3 – Lack of Capacity

Roadblock #3. You lack capacity If you lack the internal capacity to continuously reflect and examine all parts of the business, then it will be very difficult to achieve organisation-wide business agility. Without this capacity, improvement opportunities are missed and the transformation cannot evolve in line with business evolution. Watch… Look beyond initial transformation […]

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Business Agility Roadblock #2 – Ironclad Silos

Roadblock #2. Ironclad silos hold you back Organisational design is fundamental to transformational business agility. Without the right operating model in place, it’s like jumping on a bike that’s missing a wheel. You won’t get anywhere. Watch… The problem with silos Organisational silos are endemic to many larger enterprises. Traditionally, organisations had a tendency […]

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5 Reasons Why Companies are Missing the Mark With Business Agility

5 Business Agility Roadblocks In today’s hyper-competitive, disruptive business environment, staying one step ahead of the competition can prove to be an immense challenge for organisations stuck in a rut of doing things the same way. Traditional, slow-moving organisations lack the ability to deliver on customers’ constantly changing whims. Across industries, the need to inject […]

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Purpose-Driven-Agile-practice - EPiC Agile

Purpose Driven Agile Practice

A few months ago, I was asked to review an ‘Agile Practice’ team to assess their efficacy and maturity. Naturally, I wanted to know more about what they were expected to achieve before I looked to evaluate their performance. Shortly afterwards, their Agile practice team charter, social contract and objectives landed in my inbox. After […]

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Is Organisational Design holding back your transformation?

Is Organisational Design holding you back?

Matt’s biggest lesson learnt In our webinar with digital transformation specialist, Matt McCormack from Cognizant, I asked him: What was your biggest lesson learnt from participating in multiple organisational disruptions? He responded by saying the operating model is important and that no-one has got this right. “it’s a key indicator of failure, they haven’t envisioned what […]

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Finding the balance: Delivering value vs fixing core systems

Finding the right balance “We need to do a core system replacement, but we also need to continue delivering value”. These were the words written above a video doing the rounds on social media recently. Matt McCormack from Cognizant and I reacted to this video in our latest episode of At Home With Interesting People.  […]

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Topics from Business Agility Meetup in Brisbane – July

In mid-July, EPiC hosted the first Business Agility Meetup in Brisbane. We had a great group of attendees both from the commercial, the coaching and the leadership side of the conversation. A range of topics were discussed in the meetup, and we thought we would take the opportunity to dive into the topics in more […]

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Best Industry for Business Agility podcast | Epic Agile

If we could give any industry the Business Agility treatment, what would it be?

What would we do if we were given the keys to approach any industry and give them the Business Agility treatment? Which industry would we go with? Discussing this during our recent Podcast episode, it prompted the issue of opposing or competing customers within a business. The particular example I used was in sport. Applying […]

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Product Owner Anti-patterns

What Product Owner antipatterns are you guilty of?

At EPiC, we have encountered various approaches to the role of a Product Owner. Some organisations have fully embraced the agile concept, and reach out to us for support in embedding a consistent approach across their agile roles. Conversely, there are organisations who have adopted agile roles, though not the agile values, principles or mindset. […]

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At Home With Jody Weir | Epic Agile

At Home With…Jody Weir

What is At Home With…? Now that a lot of the world is in some form of self-isolation and in-person events are problematic, EPiC thought it would be a good idea to start a new virtual event. We’ve called it ‘At Home With…Interesting People’.  It’s a one-hour webinar show where EPiC chats about business agility […]

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