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Leading through this crisis: Learnings from HBR’s article

This article by Eric J. McNulty and Leonard Marcus in the Harvard Business Review is so beautifully articulated and inch-perfect, as it depicts why leading over managing during a crisis embodies respect, trust and humility. Read here: Are You Leading Through the Crisis … or Managing the Response? At EPiC, we pride ourselves on connecting on a […]

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Top three ways to run great workshops

The first tip I have for running a great workshop is to make it optional. If you force people to come to your workshop, they’re going to hate it and drag it down. Making it optional means the right peoplewill show up. They will see real value in what you are doing and be totally […]

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What is culture-hacking and why should you care?

You can be super-smart at Agile and know everything about taxonomies and scaling but all that knowledge doesn’t always bring people together. There’s a movement called culture-hacking and it is about making human beings bond. And there’s lots of ways to do this.  Having lots of fun is a great way to bring unity because […]

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