EPiC attends #JAFAC in Wellington


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Last week, EPiC attended Nomad8 #JAFAC – a refreshingly different conference & unconference event! Insights that were straight talking, honest, frank, gritty, heartfelt and occasionally downright funny were shared. Strong themes at this event was Leadership and doing good in the world.

Highlights for us – The Book of Dave unearthed by Nigel Dalton, as he highlighted the dangers of falling into an accidental agile religion.

Bron Thomson sharing insights on her leadership journey with a powerful statement of ‘My difference is my strength’ resonating across the room, giving space for being strong in your ‘you’, not needing to feel the need to follow the norms.

Sandy Davey touched on the Inevitable Kraken of Doom and shared insights from the Choice Board shifting focus to problem solving, being agile.

Charlotte Walshe showed us that the Borg have lessons for us in being agile, and when we embark in transformations are we really being explicit to leaders about what we are asking for?

Ruth Brown shared that Values can have avatars too and the valuable lessons in turning UX onto ourselves.

Sam Laing challenged us to examine on our own personal limiting beliefs – with a question “What experiments are we running on our own life?”

Hiria Te Rangi shared the why behind Whare Hauora – An Aoteroa where your home doesn’t make you sick and her story can be found on TedX The Power of a Grandmother.