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Leading through this crisis: Learnings from HBR’s article


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This article by Eric J. McNulty and Leonard Marcus in the Harvard Business Review is so beautifully articulated and inch-perfect, as it depicts why leading over managing during a crisis embodies respect, trust and humility.

Read here: Are You Leading Through the Crisis … or Managing the Response?

At EPiC, we pride ourselves on connecting on a genuinely human level within our tribe, and with our clients and partners. This article is a reminder that crises are an event that affects people. Everyone in your organisation will be impacted personally to some degree by COVID-19. It is okay to be vulnerable. Use that raw energy to co-create today’s plan, and design tomorrow’s purpose.

Our open and honest approach has allowed us to calmly and candidly delve into the real struggles that our business is now facing, and most importantly those that our tribe are enduring. We use this same method to support our clients as they solve for today and focus on their journey to an encouraging future, that will benefit both their business and their people.

‘The most effective leaders in crises ensure that someone else is managing the present well while focusing their attention on leading beyond the crisis toward a more promising future’.

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