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Improv Games – EPiC Offsite Part 1/3


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Getting a team united and interacting can at times require a little something to get them going, using Improv Games is a great way for people to drop their guard and get the connections started.

Our resident Improver Mike Mallete helped us out with a demonstration of two games that use some tongue-twisters to get the conversations started.

Whiskey Mixer is a quick elimination game where you pass the tongue-twisting on-towards your troubled teammates to try and topple them.

Ticky Tocky is a similar tongue-twister but is more focused on raising the energy of the group and having a little fun to loosen-up.

The tribe went to an UNconference after these exercises, so it was a fantastic way to get us energised beforehand.

Watch the video below to see these games in action and subscribe to our YouTube channel to see part 2 and 3 from our offsite.

You can also watch mindset exercises, Chair and Torpedo here.

Watch the video...


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