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‘It’s okay to reduce productivity’ Top remote working tips from life coach Danielle Colley


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“It’s okay to reduce productivity”. Life coach and founder of Your Good Life, Danielle Colley, shares the reasons why it’s okay to reduce productivity and focus on your children while ‘working from home’. 

“I think that really taking that pressure off, not just my own productivity but my children’s. If they don’t make it through the entire curriculum, does it spell the end of their academic career?”

If you saw our earlier interview with Danielle, this is the FULL VERSION of our interview. Danielle and I deep-dive into various ways look after yourself while remote working during a pandemic.

To fast forward to a certain topic, click the below links:

  1. Productivity for Kids
  2. Productivity for Adults
  3. What Can We Do To Not Go Insane
  4. Silver Linings
  5. Pressure On Coaches


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Want to know more tips and tricks for looking after yourself while working from home during COVID? EPiC have a holistic guide for remote working, filled with advice that we’ve shared with our clients to help them overcome challenges during Covid-19. We’ve called it The Sur-Thrival Guide and it looks at everything from Tools, Business Strategy and Lisa shares more advice in the Person Wellbeing element. Check it out below.