JIRA Configuration Workshop



A properly configured JIRA service can be extremely valuable for supporting Agile teams in their work. This class will teach you to confidently configure JIRA for a variety of applications, and includes insider tips to get the most out of your instance.

This class is designed to help you make informed decisions about the configuration of your Jira instance, and implement those decisions in the administrator interface. You will configure your own production instance of Jira with expert assistance during the class, and thus require administrator access from your device during the day.

  • Confirming System Intent
  • Deciding on Guiding Principles used for config and decision making
  • Understand your use cases )
  • Understanding roles
  • Understand and create appropriate issue types
  • Agreeing standards (Status and Work Columns)
  • Identify custom fields you need
  • Choose and implement ‘must have’ plugins
  • Configure screens (Create & Edit)
  • Build Standard templates (3 of them)
  • Documentation Cleanup
  • Build the actual Jira Instance that you will use after leaving the workshop
  • Understand why the tool is configured the way it is
  • Build and agree your business rules that you will enforce in future
  • Document your decisions and configuration in Confluence (or similar)
  • Configure role based permissions that work for teams
  • Minimise adoption challenges for JIRA implementation
  • Student workbook
  • 1 hour of post course coaching
  • JIRA CheatSheet for Administrators
  • Invitation to the EPiC Student Community

Upcoming Classes


At present we are running this course on-demand, for in-house clients only. Please contact us if you are interested in us running a course for your organisation.