JIRA for Leaders



Your squads are using JIRA to support their Agile work, but did you know it also provides a wealth of information to help you lead them more effectively? This class will teach you to leverage JIRA for your leadership teams, as well as enabling maximum value from your squads.

  • What is JIRA
  • How should a leader use JIRA
  • JIRA Insights for workflow
  • Data Driven Decision making
  • How teams use JIRA
  • JIRA Reporting
  • JIRA Basics
  • JQL Basics
  • Deep Dive Q&A
  • Understand the value of Jira for both teams and leaders
  • Understanding JIRA Dashboards and how to create my own
  • How to create and use my own JIRA Project
  • How I can use JIRA reports to identify challenges and make data driven decisions
  • Understand how to interrogate JIRA for greater insight
  • How to create my own JIRA Reports and Boards
  • Build confidence in the teams who use JIRA
  • Student Workbook
  • JIRA Tips & Tricks for Leaders
  • Invitation to the EPiC Student Community

Upcoming Classes


At present we are running this course on-demand, for in-house clients only. Please contact us if you are interested in us running a course for your organisation.