OKR (Objective & Key Results)

A powerful tool to create alignment, clarity and engagement around strategic, measurable goals.

What are OKR’s

OKRs (Objectives & Key Results) are a powerful tool to create alignment, clarity, transparency and continual engagement around strategic, measurable goals. OKRs are becoming extremely popular because organisational leaders are looking to this tool to help bring strategy and delivery together in a way that traditional strategic and portfolio management hasn’t managed to do. OKR’s together with Lean Portfolio Management, offer a framework for every level of the organisation, to leverage and draw a direct relationship between their day to day operations and the overall organisational strategy.

OKR Consulting

At EPiC we have developed an entire framework, including a toolkit and workshops, to help organisations document their strategy into OKRs, and then re-engineer &/or build their portfolios from these. Once the OKRs have been developed, we then help translate these into ‘initiative score cards” which your project practitioners can use to track progress and remain transparent. OKR’s are not built once and then forgotten. They are used to track progress, enable course corrections where necessary and to close out and realise benefits. As such they must be monitored closely. We introduce a series of Business Review sessions to perform health checks on your strategic OKRs and to pivot or persist depending on the outcomes of these reviews.

OKR Change Management

In order to support quality OKR processes, we have developed an OKR Change program, so that every member of your organisation understands how OKRs work, what the specific objectives of your company are and help them develop their own set of defined, specific and measurable actions to help achieve the results you are looking for.

OKRs in Action

We have helped many organisations (large enterprises and small business) to implement OKRs successfully to improve Project Alignement, Strategic Understanding, Decision Making and improve clarity. Here are some examples...



Helping them set their Strategic OKRs for the next 3-5 years to ensure they are clear on their priorities and have a tool to progressively measure their progress towards their goals. 

SIMPLER FOR STORES (Woolworths Group)


We helped the their simpler for stores program team describe their objectives and refine their success criteria into succinct, measurable and time bound key results, which the whole team can use (from executive, to finance through to store front workers) to be sure they are on the right track towards delivering their program benefits, and to make adaptations to the plan when the OKR identifies the need to do so. 


 Team Health Radar is our most popular radar. We use this radar ourselves on every Agile Coaching and transformation engagement as it provides a benchmark for team maturity and measures uplift over time. It is an Enterprise grade platform, enabling scaleable, robust and efficient collection of Team Health data and allows us to rollup teams into Tribes, Departments and Business Units.



Agile Coach Health Radar, Agile Leader Health Radar, SAFe® Release Train Engineer Health Radar, Product Owner Health Radar and ScrumMaster Health Radar.

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