Remote Working Radar

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With remote working arrangements common place now/ How do you know if your teams are effective, efficient and purpose driven?

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What is it that we measure?


Working remotely requires more than just a laptop and an internet connection. For most, teams will need access to additional tools allowing them to replace physical collaboration. They need to be real-time and abide by your privacy and security requirements.


Individuals need to know how to make the most of their work environment, clear clutter, free themselves from distraction and ensure personal wellbeing to be effective and contribute fully to the team.


Flow describes the effectiveness of teams and their efficiency. Teams with good flow exhibit the ability to easily collaborate and focus on the most important work, without distraction. They have adaptive processes and are engaged and productive.

With the shift to remote working, what used to be minor inconveniences have now become significant challenges. Poor meetings with no outcomes, lack of clarity on what people should be working on and distractions at home have slowed productivity and is now hindering team performance in many organisations.

We need to meaningfully re-connect people with each other, and with their work, to ensure that they are working on the right things, without distraction and make effective and efficient contributions.

We’re helping teams new to remote working, navigate the unique challenges they are facing for the first time. We’re aiming to provide them with the confidence that they are doing all they can, to be the most effective they can be. And now we want to be able to help you.

The Remote Working Radar is an online assessment tool powered by AgilityHeath®. It comprises individuals answering a 10 minute, qualitative and quantitative survey that dives into the three core areas needed for effective remote working teams – flow, tools and environment.