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Matt McCormack: Executives feel like they need to know how to do Transformations

Do executives need to know how to do transformations? During our second episode of At Home With Interesting People, I asked our guest Matt McCormack from Cognizant, about the big lessons he’s learnt from his years of doing digital transformations. He replied: Executives are generally smart people at what they do, but know very little […]

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Product Owner Anti-patterns

What Product Owner antipatterns are you guilty of?

At EPiC, we have encountered various approaches to the role of a Product Owner. Some organisations have fully embraced the agile concept, and reach out to us for support in embedding a consistent approach across their agile roles. Conversely, there are organisations who have adopted agile roles, though not the agile values, principles or mindset. […]

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levels of remote working Jody Weir

Jody Weir: The Levels of Remote Working

What are the levels of remote working? During our first episode of At Home With Interesting People, our guest Jody Weir explained that each organisation sits within 5 levels of remote working. “Level 2 is like when you take everything you used to do in the office and you basically move it to Zoom. And […]

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Jody Weir

Jody Weir: Start with the Retros

Why are retrospectives important? During our first episode of At Home With Interesting People, our guest Jody Weir told us the one practice she would start with when introducing agility into the workplace…Retrospectives. To find out why, watch below… What is ‘At Home With Interesting People’? Now that a lot of the world is in […]

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At Home With Jody Weir | Epic Agile

At Home With…Jody Weir

What is At Home With…? Now that a lot of the world is in some form of self-isolation and in-person events are problematic, EPiC thought it would be a good idea to start a new virtual event. We’ve called it ‘At Home With…Interesting People’.  It’s a one-hour webinar show where EPiC chats about business agility […]

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Business-Agility-Meetup-Brisbane | Epic Agile

Welcome to Business Agility Meetup Brisbane

What is the Business Agility Meetup Brisbane? We noticed an opportunity to bring together like-minded people to share experiences, challenges and ultimately improve approaches to Business Agility drawing on the real world. As EPiC Coaches by day, we will bring our whole selves to the meetup and we invite you to do the same, this […]

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IIBA Webinar: Face-To-Face In Virtual Reality

We recently had the pleasure of joining International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) to talk Face-2-Face in Virtual Reality. The webinar’s purpose was for Brendan Tubbs (Tubbsy) and Jarad Roberts to share tips and tricks on how to transform a virtual meeting into a virtual experience. Some of those top techniques for facilitating virtually include: […]

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Returning to the office | Epic Agile

Returning To The Office: Is Your Business Ready? Are You?

As we head through to recovery, many people are using the term ‘returning to work’, but for many, this means different things.  Each business and each individual has a unique set of circumstances. Organisations need to be thinking holistically on how to chart the course ahead.  As we’ve been working with our clients, we’ve seen […]

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Recalibrate and Accelerate to Perform in the New Normal

The Problem So, you finally got through shifting to remote working, lived the joys of getting the tech to work and everyone is busier than ever before, yet it feels like things are happening in slow motion. Working remotely has highlighted some gaps that technology can’t fix and you find yourself asking the question of […]

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5 Elements of Virtual Big Room Planning

Big Room Planning (BRP) is a grand-scale event that brings everyone together in one room to align on common goals, with the intention of walking away with a high level plan for the quarter ahead. How do we continue to honour this valuable event when we cannot come together in one room? Watch… https://youtu.be/XG8O8aElU84 With […]

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