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What to do when things get INTENSE in the workplace

Having family holidays to look forward to is important for mindfulness but being mindful in the workplace is asking others about their lives. In an intense workplace, spending time to have conversations around people’s lives over a coffee is what being mindful is all about. Hearing their victories, challenges and treating them as people instead […]

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What is culture-hacking and why should you care?

You can be super-smart at Agile and know everything about taxonomies and scaling but all that knowledge doesn’t always bring people together. There’s a movement called culture-hacking and it is about making human beings bond. And there’s lots of ways to do this.  Having lots of fun is a great way to bring unity because […]

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Storytelling is vital for transformations

If you want to deliver a successful transformation, it isn’t enough to provide a transformation plan and tell people to change! You need to develop another capability that doesn’t come natural to some… Watch the video…

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Mindfulness & its relation to Agile

I was asked to talk about mindfulness and its’ relationship (if any) with Agile Delivery, during one of our recent, “Mindfulness Monday” segments. Here is the result: Watch the video…

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How to motivate your team to come to work

People comment about the EPiC team’s constant support for the EPiC brand and have stated that they seem to have all drunk pretty hard from the cool-aid. So, what is it that we do to motivate our team and get them feeling that way about us? Watch the video…

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Getting Real – an influential read

A few years back I read an e-book by 37 Signals that had a profound influence on my project delivery, management and leadership decision making. Here I talk about it in more detail. Watch the video…

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Being a bridge, towards psychological safety

There was a group working on a portfolio of financial products that I was engaged to help. Upon exploratory conversations, there were two things that were quite obvious. The head of the group was disappointed with the lack of transparency and planning by the teams working under him. On the other hand, the teams felt […]

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Make it a GIANT timeline retro

A favourite of mine has been a recent Giant Timeline Retro that I helped put together and run. The visual retro board was 10m by 1.5m, truly a visual treat and impressive spectacle, which in itself created an impact and showed the attendees that this was something special. The ‘mini’ handouts themselves spanned over 2 […]

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