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Minimum Viable Product vs Minimal Marketable Product

MMP vs MVP. What’s the difference?

What is an MMP? You’ve probably heard this thrown around the office and then googled it and then hopefully found this. We’ll get to that soon but first, let’s start with what an MVP is. Your MVP, Minimum Viable Product, is a product that works with the minimal functionality. Viable: capable of working successfully; feasible. […]

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Agile Mindset Hacks: A Game Called ‘Torpedo’

At the Melbourne Agile Transformation meetup last month, EPiC Agile co-founder Brad Bennett told attendees that you can enhance the agile mindset through gameplay. Games can model constructive or destructive systems that occur in the workplace and allow players to arrive to the point of the exercise by themselves. Our last meetup blog explained how […]

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Unconference heading image with Antoinette Kesha and Mike Mallete

What is an un-conference? – EPiC Offsite Part 2/3

It’s a way of sharing knowledge that is of most interest to your group and making connections with like-minded people. For example, if you aren’t learning or contributing in a session, you are encouraged to use the law of two feet and move to another break-out group. At our offsite earlier this year, EPiC coaches Mike […]

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Improv Games – EPiC Offsite Part 1/3

Getting a team united and interacting can at times require a little something to get them going, using Improv Games is a great way for people to drop their guard and get the connections started. Our resident Improver Mike Mallete helped us out with a demonstration of two games that use some tongue-twisters to get […]

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Video explaining what Kanban is

What is KANBAN? A video tutorial on what it is and how to use it.

If you’ve ever used business tools, Trello or Jira, then you have used elements of a kanban board. Kanban in its basic form is a visual management board that shows the progress of work. It was developed by Toyota to focus on improving the ‘flow’ or smoothness of work in their car manufacturing plants. Parts […]

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