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EPiC Sur-Thrival guide part #5: Tools

Tools are the backbone of any team working remotely. It is what arms your team to be able to stay connected and productive when they are unable to be physically together. Your tools are there to enable all the other layers of the Sur-Thrival Guide to take place. Watch… For many organisations, having to move […]

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EPiC Sur-Thrival guide part #4: Personal Wellbeing

With the global impact of COVID-19, we are experiencing a once in a lifetime event, and for many their personal wellbeing has taken a backseat. Yet, if we do not take care of our personal selves, how will we be able to show up and give the best of ourselves to our colleagues, customers and […]

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EPiC Sur-Thrival guide part #3: Teams

Teams that have been thrown into this remote working situation are quite frankly going to need direction and compassion from their leaders, and a genuine feeling of comradery and a boost of support from each other. It is no longer possible to just make do with fickle tooling while also likely missing out on key […]

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EPiC Sur-Thrival guide part #2: Leadership

Leadership is taking on a whole new meaning for organisations as they rally to set up their teams to work remotely, and provide clear direction and purpose. Watch… https://youtu.be/IIjaEOL1jKA For leaders in organisations where remote working is embedded in how they work, their focus will tip more towards how they reprioritise, stabilise and innovate to […]

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Sur-Thrival: Business Strategy

EPiC Sur-Thrival guide part #1: Business Strategy

We at EPiC, work with some of Australasia’s biggest organisations on their business agility strategy and implementation. We provide clear and simple guidance on how to drive transformation. This capability allowed our Singapore tribe to comfortably support whole organisations as they suddenly moved to working remotely in the face of the COVID-19 crisis. We provided […]

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Sur-Thrival Guide

The EPiC Sur-Thrival Guide: An organisation’s manual to working remotely

Introduction Video… Welcome to EPiC’s Sur-Thrival Guide: A holistic handbook for any organisation working remotely. We believe there is a lot of great information being put out there, during the COVD-19 outbreak but nothing that shows a holistic view of working in this way. So we’ve put together a 5-layer guide that touches on EVERYTHING. […]

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Don’t let velocity dictate your sprints

Are you allowing your velocity to dictate your sprints? Does filling the shopping trolley result in better eating? Is running all day long good exercise? Does driving fast get us anywhere earlier? These are all examples of things that we might get away with once but then we often use that high-risk success as setting […]

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Jira Agile

Is Jira making you LESS Agile?

Using Jira doesn’t mean you’re Agile, in fact, it could be stopping you from being as Agile as you could be. A common saying we use is that there is a big difference between “doing” Agile and “being” Agile and that’s all to do with your mindset and approach to the work. You can be […]

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Being a bridge, towards psychological safety

There was a group working on a portfolio of financial products that I was engaged to help. Upon exploratory conversations, there were two things that were quite obvious. The head of the group was disappointed with the lack of transparency and planning by the teams working under him. On the other hand, the teams felt […]

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Make it a GIANT timeline retro

A favourite of mine has been a recent Giant Timeline Retro that I helped put together and run. The visual retro board was 10m by 1.5m, truly a visual treat and impressive spectacle, which in itself created an impact and showed the attendees that this was something special. The ‘mini’ handouts themselves spanned over 2 […]

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