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Working Remotely Vern

Tips and Tricks on how to work with your teams remotely

The current situation surrounding the Coronavirus COVID-19 challenges our traditional way of working on physically being in the building while many of us are working from home. There are pros and cons to this situation but it does mean teams will need to have a discussion on how they’re going to work together in this […]

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Don’t let velocity dictate your sprints

Are you allowing your velocity to dictate your sprints? Does filling the shopping trolley result in better eating? Is running all day long good exercise? Does driving fast get us anywhere earlier? These are all examples of things that we might get away with once but then we often use that high-risk success as setting […]

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Jira Agile

Is Jira making you LESS Agile?

Using Jira doesn’t mean you’re Agile, in fact, it could be stopping you from being as Agile as you could be. A common saying we use is that there is a big difference between “doing” Agile and “being” Agile and that’s all to do with your mindset and approach to the work. You can be […]

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Put Your Retro Items In Your Backlog

Great! You’re doing retrospectives but don’t leave the action points sitting on a post-it note, put them in your backlog. Watch the below video to find out why. Watch the video…

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Do what you can’t…

I love the video from Casey Neistat “Do what you can’t“. It has had a profound impact on me and what I think is possible. While it isn’t a book, it is a pretty great video and I think it has implications for many of us in Enterprises and especially so for those that are […]

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