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5 Elements of Virtual Big Room Planning

Big Room Planning (BRP) is a grand-scale event that brings everyone together in one room to align on common goals, with the intention of walking away with a high level plan for the quarter ahead. How do we continue to honour this valuable event when we cannot come together in one room? Watch… With the […]

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How to build trust based on emotional intelligence and recognising diversity

Trust is an essential component of high-performing teams. We have to learn how to work with each other to achieve our goals. But what does trust mean for us? What expectations do we have about our colleagues’ trustful behaviour? Watch… https://youtu.be/VshwRYIKrFY As coaches, we help teams to discover the gap between where they are today […]

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What to do when things get INTENSE in the workplace

Having family holidays to look forward to is important for mindfulness but being mindful in the workplace is asking others about their lives. In an intense workplace, spending time to have conversations around people’s lives over a coffee is what being mindful is all about. Hearing their victories, challenges and treating them as people instead […]

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