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At EPiC, we are proud that our training experience is deliberately different. Our EPiC workshops are highly interactive, delivered with minimal slides (in some cases none) and founded on real story telling and experiential learning sessions.

Join our highly experienced practitioners for a great learning experience and stay connected with the broader EPiC community long into the future.

    Public Training

  • Agile Foundations for Teams (Virtual)

    EPiC Agile Foundations for Teams Virtual Training is a 2 half-day course that will provide the foundations for attendees to begin their Agile journey.
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  • AgilityHealth Certified Facilitator (Virtual)

    Power up your teams by accelerating their ability to self-diagnose their blockers and leverage their strengths. This class prepares you to facilitate and deliver the TeamHealth Retrospective and certifies you as an AgilityHealth Facilitator.
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  • EPiC Coach (Virtual) - ICP-ACC

    EPiC Coach (ICP-ACC) is designed to teach, practice and reinforce the core competencies of the Agile coach, enabling the Agile coach to succeed at reaching agreed-upon team and organisational outcomes.
    Online 05 May
  • EPiC Facilitator (Virtual) - ICP-ATF

    Effective facilitators can amplify a team’s performance by guiding the group discussions and following a process to navigate complex business challenges. As a facilitator, your role exists to enable collaboration and facilitate productive conversations between teams and stakeholders, building momentum and creating a clear picture of the end goal.
    Online 16 Aug
  • EPiC Product Owner (Virtual)

    Who’s responsible in your organisation for creating a product and taking it through to market? If this sounds like you, or you play a role in making this happen, our Product Owner course is for you!
    Online 26 Apr
  • EPiC Scrum Master (Virtual)

    Scrum is a framework that assists collaboration within teams and encourages learning through experiences. Self-organizing and cross-functional teams work on resolving complex problems in a faster, more flexible way, ensuring you deliver greater value in less time.
    Online 17 May
  • Leading SAFe 5.0 (Virtual)

    Adopting SAFe®, the world’s most popular framework for scaling Agile in large enterprises can be intimidating for leaders. This class unpacks the complexity of SAFe and gives you a solid understanding of the key challenges and levers, with insider expertise from coaches who have successfully done it before.
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  • The Virtual Facilitator (Virtual)

    The Virtual Facilitator is a half day training course for anyone who wants to ensure they can effectively facilitate virtual workshops and meetings.
    Online 10 May