The Virtual Facilitator


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The Virtual Facilitator is our latest EPiC training course offering. We have exclusively built this training course to share our expert insights and learnings into how to facilitate meetings and events in a virtual setting.


We understand that there are challenges leading and working with remote teams. Even so, it is possible to have effective communication, collaborative virtual sessions, and create and maintain high performing teams, all while working remotely!

Agile Coach, Vern Norrgard facilitating

EPiC Virtual Course

After transitioning to working from home, many of our clients have seen little to no downturn in efficiency within their teams. We even have teams who are able to boast of higher productivity in their new remote environment!

How do you maintain or improve team productivity? What does it really take to encourage team participation and build comradery? One key element we have identified is the need for expert facilitation of virtual meetings and events. If you reflect on your recent virtual meetings, how valuable and powerful were they? We are seeing massive variations of effectiveness at the moment, and the key differentiator comes from the skill and preparation of the facilitator.

The Virtual Facilitator training course will allow you to immerse yourself in the experience and practice of what inspiring virtual facilitation looks like.

Our training encompasses:

• How to kick off virtual meetings and events, ensuring that all participants are engaged and understand why they are there

• The difference between online and in person meetings

• How to do visualisation during an online session

• How to design events to get to your desired outcomes using an easy to use Framework

• How to set up your physical environment to maximise your effectiveness. 

• Tools and techniques you now need to design and execute online meetings and events

• What to do when things go wrong, and how to quickly get back on track

Whether you are facing the real struggle of facilitating virtually or just want to sharpen your edge, we believe The Virtual Facilitator half-day training will become an essential part of your toolkit for the new Virtual World.

If you would like to attend, you can register here.

We also have other virtual courses, including Scrum Master and Product Owner, see dates here.


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