Video explaining what Kanban is

What is KANBAN? A video tutorial on what it is and how to use it.


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If you’ve ever used business tools, Trello or Jira, then you have used elements of a kanban board.

Kanban in its basic form is a visual management board that shows the progress of work.

It was developed by Toyota to focus on improving the ‘flow’ or smoothness of work in their car manufacturing plants. Parts of work on the assembly line would be ‘pulled’ across the board in stages from beginning to completion when there was capacity, rather than ‘pushing’ work onto teams or people who may be busy with other tasks. The board is viewable by everyone, so that bottlenecks and blockers can be identified quickly.

Nowadays, kanban board’s are used commonly by teams and used for any work that is well-known or repetitive in process.

Epic Agile Program Coach, Marwan Saab, explains in the above video (from this point) how the Toyota Production System used kanban to make high-quality vehicles with maximum efficiency. He also shows how kanban works in practice so you can become a pro user.

To determine whether your team requires kanban in the first place, please watch from the start and hit the subscribe button on our YouTube channel if you want to see more videos like this in future.

Watch the video...


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