We are driven to create amazing workplaces that people love!

At EPiC we know that businesses that enhance their peoples working lives – enhance their bottom line! We help our clients to provide clarity of purpose, accelerate decision making, remove impediments to value, which ultimately improves team morale and stakeholder satisfaction.

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Our values are what makes us EPiC
We lead with empathy because change is difficult, and it only works if we are able to build human connections and are curious about the existing environment constraints.
We are passionate people. You need to show genuine care and love for people & humanity to be an EPiC’a. Passion for lean agile innovation is a must, but so is being open and coachable.
While the “i” in EPiC may be little, it’s the most important part to us. We do the honourable thing, all the time. Rather than ask “What could we do?”, we ask “What should we do?”. The corporate game can be brutal, so we only play with people who have integrity.
We created EPiC to bring together a tribe of the most wonderful and powerful people we could find. We are also committed to the wider Business Agility Community because we know if we can help you thrive, we will thrive along with you.
Our purpose is, to create amazing workplaces that people love!
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