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Delivery Specialists and Acceleration

EPiC’s Delivery Services are tuned to help organisations accelerate the implementation of their Agile Ways of Working and provide them with experienced practitioners who will put an emphasis on value creation, flexibility, collaboration and customer-centricity.

We recognise that greater effort won’t always move the needle. Great delivery requires skill and art and is a very human endeavour. Choosing what not to do is as important as what you do. How you do it makes the difference.

As transformation and business agility specialists we often consider the ‘system’ as a whole: structure, organisation, work practices, culture and behaviour, and optimise for sustained performance. We bring this expertise to our delivery services with real-world experience in multiple industries, coupled with a multifaceted toolkit, to bring to life initiative and business outcomes.

Our Delivery Services

Project & Program Management

Better business outcomes, faster realisation of value, and well designed customer-centric solutions.


Change Communications & Strategy

Understand your change needs, build an effective Change Strategy and use the most effective methods to engage and support your teams in sustainable change.


Value Management Office (VMO)

Unlock the true potential of your Project Management Office with our comprehensive VMO Service based on best practice functions.


Agile Tooling Services

Optimisation of collaboration tools Jira / ADO, to manage integrated backlogs, flow and visualisation of work. Making the most of the technology investment.

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Human-Centred Design

Create a common language for innovation, using the LUMA System, to help your teams deliver human-centred solutions.


Our Delivery specialists have in-depth delivery expertise and they know how to get the job done! Here’s what every EPiC delivery specialist embodies and can bring to your organisation:

  • Use the best of waterfall, agile and hybrid approaches.
  • Draw upon individual and our global collective delivery experience.
  • They are agile at heart and in mindset. They know how and why agile delivery works, because they’ve done it. They will get the most out of your agile or hybrid teams.
  • Have EPiC values – Empathy, Passion, integrity and Community. So they value people, empowerment, collaboration, and fun!

Start bringing value to your customers faster and more efficiently today!

Key benefits
Faster Delivery
EPiC's Delivery services focus on delivering small, usable chunks of software quickly, rather than waiting for a large, monolithic release.
Increased Flexibility
We allow for changes to be made to the project throughout the development process, rather than having to adhere to a fixed plan. This can lead to a better end product that more closely matches the customer's needs.
Improved Collaboration
EPiC's Delivery services encourage a collaborative approach to software development, with regular meetings and close communication between team members and customers.
Enhanced Customer Satisfaction
We help put the customer at the centre of the development process, allowing them to provide feedback and make changes throughout the project. This can lead to a final product that more closely matches their needs and expectations.
Better Risk Management
Our Delivery services allow for early detection and resolution of issues, reducing the risk of delays and cost overruns.
Improved Confidence
Our EPiC Delivery practitioners help to reduce uncertainty and confidence will improve during development.
Community of Practice Enhancement
Our EPiC Delivery practitioners are always active members of CoPs and will help to coordinate and lead activities within a client's CoP so that we can enhance and build upon the client's internal knowledge and expertise.
Rob Gaunt - Global Director, EPiC Agile
"EPiC's Agile delivery services are suitable for organisations that need to deliver high-quality outcomes, quickly and efficiently, with a high level of customer satisfaction while also accelerating their Agile practice through modelling behaviour and values."

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