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EPiC is proud to announce the launch of our groundbreaking new advisory service, the Value Management Office (VMO). Our VMO service is designed to help Project Management Offices (PMO) evolve from focusing on day-to-day operations to becoming stewards of outcomes.

With our VMO service, you’ll have the support you need to identify your PMO’s current service catalogue based on best practice functions, assess its readiness for change, and chart the program of work required to transition to the new Value Management Model.

Our comprehensive VMO service covers all aspects of this transformation, including:

  • Process analysis
  • Change management
  • Training and education
  • Implementation

Read on to learn how our VMO service can revolutionise your PMO’s impact and elevate your organisation’s performance.


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The Value Management Office (VMO) Service

The VMO service is a comprehensive solution that takes your PMO to the next level by focusing on the delivery of value and the achievement of strategic business objectives.

Our expert team will work with you to:

  1. Identify your PMO’s current service catalogue based on best practice functions: We’ll assess your existing processes, services, and offerings across all capability areas outlined in the best practice functions.
  2. Assess your PMO’s readiness for change: We’ll evaluate your PMO’s capabilities and preparedness for the transition to a Value Management Model.
  3. Chart the program of work to achieve the future state: We’ll develop a roadmap that outlines the steps needed to update your service catalogue and adopt the future state processes.

Our VMO Service Includes:

  1. Process Analysis: Our team will analyse your existing processes to identify gaps, redundancies, and areas for improvement across all capability areas.
  2. Change Management: We’ll help you manage the change process effectively to ensure a smooth transition with minimal disruption to your organisation.
  3. Training & Education: We’ll provide your team with the knowledge and skills needed to successfully implement the Value Management Model.
  4. Implementation: Our experts will guide you through the implementation process, ensuring that you successfully adopt the new processes and realise the full potential of your VMO.
Capability Areas Based on Best Practice Functions

Our VMO service covers all the capability areas outlined in the best practice functions, including:


Focus Areas


Strategic Planning and Performance ManagementAligning projects and programs with strategic objectives using OKRs and executing Quarterly Business Reviews to monitor performance and to drive continuous improvement.


Portfolio ManagementLeveraging Quarterly Business Planning, Business Value Models and Prioritisation Frameworks to ensure effective selection, and management of projects, programs and initiatives to optimise resource allocation and value delivery.


Program ManagementCoordinating, managing, and supporting the successful delivery of multiple projects within a program whether they be Traditional or Agile Programs of work.


Project ManagementEnsuring the successful delivery of traditional, agile or hybrid projects and initiatives through better predictable delivery, disciplined execution, daily monitoring, and empirical controls.


Risk ManagementIdentifying, assessing, and mitigating risks to protect the organisation’s investments and ensure successful outcomes.


Financial AgilityLeveraging Financial Agility principles and practices to guide, track, and control projects, programs and initiatives to ensure they are delivering a higher ROI through incremental delivery of value, sooner.


Resource ManagementAchieving enhanced performance by identifying opportunities for “long lived teams” and improved allocation, utilisation, and development of people across projects, programs and initiatives.


Benefits RealisationEnsuring the identification, tracking, and realisation of benefits by decomposing work into smaller batch sizes and incremental delivering value. 


Change and Transformation ManagementFacilitating the successful implementation of change initiatives within the organisation.


Lean GovernanceEnsuring simpler, faster and more effective decision-making, accountability, and oversight for projects, programs and initiatives so as to protect the organisation’s interests and deliver the desired outcomes.


Stakeholder Engagement and CommunicationBuilding and maintaining strong relationships with key stakeholders, and ensuring effective communication throughout the project lifecycle.


Quality ManagementEnsuring that projects and programs adhere to the highest quality standards, and that deliverables meet or exceed stakeholder expectations.


Knowledge ManagementCapturing, storing, and sharing valuable knowledge, lessons learned, and best practices to improve organisational performance and drive continuous improvement.


Assurance and ComplianceProviding independent assurance to verify that projects and programs are on track to deliver the desired outcomes, and ensuring compliance with relevant policies, standards, and regulations.


Turn your PMO into a value-driven powerhouse

EPiC’s Value Management Office (VMO) service, based on best practice functions, offers a holistic solution for transforming your PMO into a value-driven powerhouse.

By embracing the VMO model and addressing all capability areas outlined in the best practice functions, you’ll unlock the true potential of your PMO, resulting in greater strategic alignment, improved decision-making, enhanced efficiency, increased agility, and ultimately, better business outcomes. 

Don’t wait – contact EPiC today to learn more about our VMO service and start your journey to PMO excellence.

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