Large Supermarket Business Agility Transformation

Enabling faster delivery by liberating constraints

The challenge

  • Losing eCommerce market share against other retailers 
  • Incorrect structure causing a lack of squad autonomy resulting in slow delivery of products to market 
  • Silo mentality lacking strategic alignment
  • Wanted increase people engagement and ownership of their work.

Our solution

  • Moving to customer outcome-based metrics rather than outputs
  • Implementing portfolio, program and squad OKR’s to ensure everything is connected to strategy
  • Investment in education and hands-on capability uplift
  • Re-organising in cross-functional squads breaking down team boundaries
  • Implementing synchronisation, experimentation and reflection
  • Strategic investment in eCommerce


Still ongoing. So far:

  • Stronger alignment with strategy
  • Smoother integration into operational teams 
  • Ability to break down silos to deliver projects faster 

Transformation Uplift 

  • Engagement & Culture increase 18%
    • Trust and Respect up 18%
    • Sustainable Pace up 16%
    • Leadership Agility up 12%
    • Cross Functional Collaboration up 9%

Portfolio OKR’s

  • 24% Increase in Monthly Active Shoppers 
  • 45% Increase New Customer 
  • 8% Reduction in Cost Per Order
Stronger alignment with strategy
Smoother integration into operational teams 
Ability to break down silos to deliver projects faster

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