Embedding Agility in the Finance space

Embedding Agility in the Finance space
  • The Challenge

    The finance team within Griffith University had found their throughput was ‘clogged’ and people were disengaging from their work. The amount of work coming through was in such a high volume that people were only focussing on their own backlog. The challenge was finding a way to work better together to get products and advice out the door in a way that would also increase work engagement.

    Our Solution

    • Share ideas and learnings with leadership on how to shift mindset and approach work using new ways of working
    • Apply agile techniques and use agile tools to deliver a major project involving cross-functional teams 
    • Work with leadership to create an environment that empowers their people


    • A permanent shift in mindset within the leadership team around approaching work differently and walking the talk
    • 100% reduction in time spent on annual process
    • Uplift in collaboration across teams
    • Increase in people’s engagement with their work
    • Actively applying learnings to future projects
    • Establishment of an initial kanban system to regulate and refine the portfolio pipeline of work
    • Ongoing process efficiencies from Agile training
    • Establishment of ongoing cross-functional teams
    • Scrum Master and Product Owner Capability analysis and maturity uplift
100% reduction in time spent on annual process
A major project that would normally take Griffith 10 weeks was done and dusted in 5 weeks after we helped them embed new ways of working.
Increase in people's engagement
We increased people's engagement with their work and made the process more enjoyable by creating a cross-functional and collaborative environment, focussing on culture uplift.
Apply learnings to future projects
After seeing the success from applying a new way of working to a large project, they will apply their learnings and mindset to future projects for ongoing success and enjoyment.

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