Convention Center Business Relaunch

Re-imagining your core business

The challenge

The convention center is one of the largest conference spaces in Australia and houses the largest commercial kitchen in the southern hemisphere.

The COVID-19 pandemic forced the center to shut its doors, stopping its core business in its tracks – Reducing its business from over 1,000+ events per year to none.  Even before the pandemic, they had seen their traditional strengths and competitive advantages being matched by their competitors.

The center needed to rethink their strategic focus, define a new competitive advantage and redesign their operating model to allow them to remain the premier event space in the country.

Our solution

Working with a selected group of operational experts from across their business, EPiC coached this cross-functional team, guiding them to:

  • Map their current core value streams to understand pain points and opportunities
  • Understand and challenge their current strategic focus in a world where the underlying competitive advantage had been eroded
  • Co-design a new strategic focus around “customer-delight” via new product design and customer focus 
  • Design a supporting operating model that kept the best of the existing organisation but enabled the new strategic intent


The cross-functional team of operational experts, with the support of EPiC, were able to convince the executive team that not only was a new strategic focus critical to ongoing success, but that the organisational design they had created to support it was financially viable, achievable and the right direction for the organisation.

4 value streams identified
50 new innovation initiatives through the system
2 months from inception to design complete
“I really just don’t think we would have done what we’ve done within six months. It would have taken us two years!”
Chief Operating Officer, MCEC
A Hollywood recording studio - Achievements from their Business Relaunch

One of the first products to launch from the center’s Business Relaunch, was the Virtual Event studio. This allowed them to tap into that market, very quickly and bring their existing customers, virtually, into the venue.

They then used their most strategic asset, their people, to come up with new ideas and pitch them in an Unconventional Ideas event. Everyone from pastry chefs to event planners worked collaboratively, together to test and bring the winning ideas to life.

One of the ideas from this event was to turn unused parking bays into a recording studio for feature films. Hollywood knocked on their door and used this space for one of their feature films. Watch more in the video below.

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