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If you want to deliver a transformation that sticks, then you need to lead the transformation yourself. Don’t outsource it! But that doesn’t mean that you have to go it alone.

Our coaches are your compass through your Business Agility Transformation. They hold your hand, showing you the ropes. They are highly experienced professionals who have been through many transformations before and have learned their practice through the hard yards.

Regardless of the level of coach you are leveraging, each of our Coaches, deliver a range of capabilities. Scroll down to view them.

“Agile forms part of only one pillar in the Enterprise Business Agility model, and it's not even the most important of these!”
Rob Gaunt - Partner of EPiC

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    Our coaches work with your teams to help them to identify where they are in their agile maturity and then build a growth plan to get them to the next level.​
    All of our transformations include the training you need. Our experienced, real world practitioners are the ones that deliver it. Ensuring that your teams get the capability uplift they need and you get value for money.
    Scaled Agile
    All of our Coaches are versed in how to apply their skills and knowledge at scale, whether they are helping multiple teams, supporting tribes, working within programs or enabling portfolios.

    All of our coaches can facilitate the scaled events (including Big Room Planning, Quarterly Business Reviews, Scrum of Scrums, Tribal Council, etc) and they lead by example.
    Advanced Agile Practitioner
    Our Coaches can provide an empathetic experience as they work with your team members to guide them through their own transformation, because they have been there before. They are experts in their fields. They have runs on the board and the scars to prove it.
    Delivery Leadership
    Our coaches are "hands on". They don't just provide advice, they also show practical examples of how to execute. If necessary they will roll their sleeves up and "get it done'. We aren't your typical consultancy. We actually lend a hand!

    Agile Practice Build
    At the start of an Agile Transformation, you aren't sure what capabilities, resources or budget you need to allocate towards your future delivery practices. During that stage, our coaches form the nucleus of your future agile practice, so that once you find your internal champions, they can form around them. In this way, by the time we leave the building, you should have everything you need to successfully replace us.

    2 months from inception to design complete
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    1000‘s of staff trained in Agile Ways of Working
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