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Effective change strategy

Here at EPiC, we take a deliberately different approach to enabling organisational change through capitalising on visual story telling, and focusing on human connection.  

Our experienced Change and Communication experts help you to understand your change needs, build an effective Change Strategy and use the most effective methods to engage and support your teams in sustainable change

Change and Communication Specialists

Improve your employee experience

We can help you to get change right by taking a lean approach to change management combined with game-changing EX-focused strategic communications.

We take an adaptive, feedback driven approach to change. Simply the complex.


Effective and sustained change

Change can be complex. Our gurus can help you to navigate the best approach to introduce change in your unique system. We use creative communications strategies to create stakeholder alignment.

We offer the perfect trifecta when it comes to expertise and experience in lean change, strategic communications and creative communications to be able to best facilitate the people side of change at all levels.


Strategy through to execution

Each organisation and their change is different. We offer expertise across strategic change, initiative or project change as well as communications – enabling us to tailor solutions to help you facilitate change no matter the size.


Bring your communications alive

Strengthen your transformation or change journey through tapping into our EPiC communications advisory on how to best leverage multiple communications methods (e.g. events, video, infographics) to level up your cut through and engagement.



Build your In house Change capability

Take your change capability to the next level.

Lean Change Foundations is designed to help change managers and leaders take the best ideas from agile practices, lean startup, and design thinking to help you create an approach to change management that is compatible with your organisation, and the type of change you’re working on.

Private and Public courses available:

Training – Lean Change Foundations

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