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Deliver great outcomes

Better business outcomes, faster realisation of value, and well designed customer-centric solutions.

Rapidly adapt to changing circumstances with seasoned experts who capitalise on human-centred thinking, and extensive ways of working expertise to confidently navigate your unique situation.

Deliver great outcomes with predictable results at lower cost.


Project Management

You’re in safe hands

Expertise. Passion. Experience. Our practitioners live to deliver and know what it takes.

Our experience in large, complex projects, fast-moving and challenging situations, diverse technical environments and sectors means we have you covered.

Whatever framework and methodology you use, our project managers will apply a broad range of skill sets to leverage the benefits of each to deliver excellent results.


Better outcomes

Customer centricity. Deliver value predictably. Adapt and change.

We put the customer at the centre of project planning, delivering value early and often with fast feedback loops.

Using the best of agile thinking we’re able to adapt as necessary to ensure the product delivers real value as soon as possible.


Better execution

Deliver fast. Deliver quality. Deliver value. Deliver cost-efficiently.

Reduce risk of delay or cost overrun with solid governance, communication and metric-driven insights.

Improve stakeholder confidence with transparent engagement and effective reporting.

Program Management

Leadership matters

Well-led programs produce better business outcomes.

From C-suite stakeholders to the teams producing the work they will foster clarity of purpose, effective decision-making, and transparent communication. They will promote agile practices and behaviours to encourage collaboration, team accountability and performance.


Better business outcomes

Each program is unique, so there is no universal approach. However, you can be sure we will be anchored to your business goals and focussed on achieving them in the most efficient and effective way.

We have a huge toolkit to choose from depending on the situation but we almost always champion:

  • Customer centricity
  • Iterative delivery of value early, clarify uncertainty, reduce risk and create feedback loops
  • Empirical data and learning opportunities
  • Adapting to new knowledge or customer insights

Regardless of the scale, complexity or uncertainty of your initiative, we have the expertise you need.


Value for money

Good decisions, managing risk and uncertainty, obsessing on value, alignment of effort, efficient ways of working, clear communication, handling the unexpected, and inspiring and motivating teams—these are the hallmarks of great program management.

Our Agile Coaching and Delivery Specialists excel in these areas, amplifying the value delivered, achieving results sooner and predictably, and avoiding costly missteps. With their guidance, you can expect great outcomes on time and within budget.

Delivery Lead

Supercharge your delivery teams

Knowing what works. In practice.

Refine existing or establish new teams to improve the speed, quality and predictability of software delivery. Align work across delivery streams and manage dependencies, risk, technical debt, impediments to meet commitments and sustainably improve performance.


A way that works for you

Our Delivery Leads will bring lean and agile thinking to every situation. But they will apply whatever framework, methodology or practice that will be most effective in your environment.

Delivering high-value outcomes is the priority, maximizing performance of your system is the means.


Embed and enhance best practices

EPiC specializes in enhancing organizational performance. Our Delivery Leads model and encourage behaviors, ways of working, and techniques that sustainably create better outcomes and drive continuous improvement.

As Agile Coaching and Delivery Specialists, they bring EPiC’s experience and expertise to your organization. You can expect a lasting positive impact from their time with you, fostering continuous growth and improvement.

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