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Your People are your biggest investment. Are they being grown and taken to an entire new level to deliver your business outcome. Having the right training partner is critical to help you unlock the potential of your people.

The EPiC Academy Difference

EPiC has been helping organisations realise their potential to become fitter, faster and future-ready through our corporate training service over the past 10 years. 


Our mission is to have a real impact on individuals by implementing a unique training pathway program all while significantly reducing costs for companies.

We recognise one of the most significant challenges faced by training programs: is the lack of accessible and sustained expert support post-course completion. Practical application of acquired knowledge in the real-world context remains paramount, and it’s an area we address head-on.

Understanding that learning is a multifaceted journey, we adhere to the principle that learning occurs in three distinct stages:

Formal Education (10% of learning):

  • Our curriculum consists of four comprehensive Training Pathways – Delivery, Product, Coaching, and Leadership. These pathways are structured across three proficiency levels: Foundation, Practitioner, and Advanced, ensuring a progressive and thorough educational experience.

Group-based Deep Dive Sessions (20% of learning):

  • These interactive sessions delve into specialized topics such as SCRUM 3-5-3, User Story Writing, Kanban Methodology, Facilitation Techniques, Psychological Safety, Implementing OKRs, Visual Facilitation, and Google Design Sprints, fostering deeper insights and skill development.

Mentoring Programs (70% of learning):

  • Our mentoring programs offer both group cohorts and personalized 1:1 mentoring sessions over a period of three or six months. These sessions facilitate the practical application of learned concepts in real-world scenarios. The 1:1 Mentoring program incorporates a comprehensive 360-degree role assessment, enabling the creation of personalized growth plans tailored to unlock individual potential. At the program’s conclusion, a reassessment option allows for the measurement of tangible role-based growth.

EPiC Academy has successfully implemented individual role-based assessments across some of Australia’s largest brands, effecting visible and substantial improvements in employee performance.

We understand that each organisation is unique, and thus, customisation is key. Whether you prefer one aspect of our academy over others or seek specific components tailored to your organisation’s needs, EPiC Academy provides flexible solutions to accommodate diverse requirements.

The benefits you can expect

Student Experience:

  • Mature Training Pathways with certified courses
  • Our student-centric approach ensures an unparalleled learning journey, where individuals are empowered to thrive and excel.
  • Trainers are seasoned practitioners in their respective fields, offering invaluable insights and practical expertise.
  • Utilising the “Training from the Back of the Room” methodology, we foster an interactive and engaging learning environment that maximises retention and application of knowledge.

 Corporate Benefits:

  • Streamlined processes from registration to scheduling and reporting streamline administrative burdens, allowing organisations to focus on core objectives.
  • Empower leaders within your organisation to drive training engagement and cultivate a culture of continuous learning and development.
  • Enjoy the flexibility of customisable content tailored to your organisation’s specific needs and objectives.

Corporate Discounts:

  • Benefit from significant cost savings with bulk purchase discounts of up to 50%, making high-quality training accessible to organisations of all sizes.
  • Our commitment to satisfaction is unwavering. If you’re not completely satisfied with our services, we offer a money-back guarantee, ensuring peace of mind and confidence in your investment.
  • Experience the tangible return on investment of outsourcing training needs. By eliminating the overheads associated with maintaining and running in-house training programs, EPiC Academy delivers substantial cost savings and operational efficiencies.
Ready to Elevate Your Capabilities at a Fraction of the Cost?

If you’re keen on unlocking your full potential without breaking the bank, we invite you to schedule a consultation with us. Let’s discuss how EPiC Academy can empower you or your organisation to achieve remarkable growth and success.

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