How does Google design world-class products?

Google Sprint in 20 Minutes

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Rob Gaunt
on March 10, 2019
Watch a 5-Day Google Sprint in 20 Minutes

How does Google design world-class products? A New York Times bestselling book called Sprint by Jake Knapp looks at the five-day design process Google uses to do just that.

This video is basically a how-to guide that can give almost anyone the ability to learn and apply the design method to their challenges. In February, the Sydney Epic Agile Tribe and other Enterprise Business Agility enthusiasts sat down with End to End Experience Owner, Will Hamilton, to go through this process over some pizza and beer.

This meetup explored the importance of having the customer integrated into the solution design process. Within the Enterprise Business Agility model, this aligns with the Customer Seat At The Table pillar. Many organisations choose to fly blind, believing they know what the customer wants without ever really connecting, engaging and understanding them. The approach we explored showed how you can have greater engagement and feedback loops with your customer and therefore establish greater solutions for them.

EPiC filmed the evening and condensed it into a detailed 20-minute video below if you want to deep-dive into the design process and learn about Will’s experience applying it.

Watch the Video…

Customer Seat at the Table
Considering customer needs at the very start of the discovery process.