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MMP vs MVP, What’s the Difference?

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Vern Norrgard
on October 22, 2019
Minimum Marketable Product

What is an MMP? You’ve probably heard this thrown around the office and then googled it and then hopefully found this.

We’ll get to that soon but first, let’s start with what an MVP is.

Your MVP, Minimum Viable Product, is a product that works with the minimal functionality. Viable: capable of working successfully; feasible. This is what you build to prove to yourself that it works.

You can then continue to build on that MVP until you have something that you are happy to release to the public, this is your MMP, Minimum Marketable Product. It’s something that you are happy to tell people about. However, the trick is to keep the time between your MVP and MMP as short as possible so that you can get that feedback from your audience.

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We cover MVP and MMP in more detail on our EPiC Product Owner training course, click here for more information.


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