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Announcing EPiC’s New Training Course: Leading Chapters

EPiC Leading Chapters

As one of Australia’s leading Agile Transformation providers, EPiC has been at the forefront of numerous Tribal Implementations, including at WooliesX, Woolworths Group, Endeavour Drinks Group, Coles and Aware Super, to name just a few.


Not only do we help our client organisations implement tribes (we call them Crews), but we also proudly stand as the only consultancy in the world that utilises the Crew model, including Chapters, to run and operate our own business.


Through this extensive experience, we have built a wealth of knowledge unrivalled in the market on starting, running, and enhancing a chapter, ensuring you reap the full benefits of this innovative business leadership model.


Over the years, our journey through numerous Tribe-based transformations has enabled us to develop a comprehensive suite of guidance, playbooks, methodologies, health checks, and practices. Our expertise doesn’t stop there — we have also created a full suite of Crew training, including the essentials for becoming a successful Chapter Leader.


Until now, this training has been exclusively available to our transformation clients as part of the EPiC Academy (Corporate Training) service, benefiting those we’ve helped to adopt the Tribe/Crew model.  However, we are excited to open this opportunity to the public, allowing anyone interested to gain insights and skills from our seasoned experts.


Understanding the Challenge

Implementing the Chapter Model can be challenging, especially because it disrupts traditional hierarchical management structures. Traditionally, one manager is responsible for everything that happens with their team, but the tribal model splits the role into three distinct functions: developing people and capabilities (Chapter Lead), setting priorities (Crew Lead), and facilitating collaborative work (Crew Facilitator).


This transition from a top-down management style to a more collaborative and participatory approach can be a significant hurdle. If done well, the shift not only fosters innovation, collaboration, and open communication but also enhances the organisation’s ability to focus on strategic direction, build capabilities, and streamline the flow of work​ (Merillot)​​ (Primeast)​. However, if done poorly, it can lead to confusion and staff turnover.


Traditional managers often struggle to adapt from a command-and-control role to a facilitative and coaching role, which is vital in a Chapter Model​ (McKinsey & Company)​. 


Additionally, employees accustomed to clear hierarchical lines may find the new structure disorienting and may resist the change​ (Primeast)​.


Despite these challenges, the benefits of a Chapter Model make it a worthwhile endeavour. By getting staff (chapter members) to focus not just on the day-to-day work, but also on Continuous Improvement and Capability uplift, organisations can boost job satisfaction, productivity, and innovation​ (Merillot)​.

Enroll today!

Join us and be part of the next Leading Chapters course. Don’t miss out on this chance to learn about this new Leadership role, elevate your leadership capabilities and drive your organisation towards success with EPiC’s proven Leading Chapters course. 

Sign up here for the next Leading Chapters course and take the first step towards becoming an exceptional Chapter Leader!



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