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EPiC Agile’s Chapter journey – Part 1

  • 4 minute video
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Why Chapters?

After a period of massive growth at EPiC, from 40 to 80 people in one year, we needed a new way to support and develop our people. So we did what we would normally recommend to our clients… implement Chapters.

To help solve these challenges, the leadership team decided to implement Chapters into EPiC. We documented the start of our Chapter implementation. This is part 1 of our Chapter journey.


Chapter evolution

Our model is continuously evolving – we love that!  

Using experiments, our chapters are defining new ways to organize and we’re currently on the cusp of a Chapter evolution. What will change and will it work? 

EPiC’s Chapter journey continues and we’ll capture our outcomes and learnings for all of you to see in Part 2 here!

Rob Gaunt, Co-Founder of EPiC Agile
"The Chapters are forcing us to rethink some of the restraints that we had put into the business, over time, and are challenging us to think differently."

If your organisation is scaling quickly, or you would like to unleash creativity and innovation in your people, talk to us about our Chapter experience so far.

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