Embedding Agility at a Leading Global University

Link strategy to execution across all levels

The Challenge

As a prominent research and teaching University in the Go8, this client boasts over 20,000 students, earns $1.4 billion yearly, and employs over 4000 individuals. Its historic success aims to maintain forefront positions in technological and pedagogical advancements, enhancing its reputation both locally and globally.

Despite its high status, the university faces the digital age challenges like many established institutions. The rapid tech advancements introduced hurdles like modernising old systems, re-engineering processes, and minimising excessive governance controls. A key issue was aligning individuals and teams to strategic objectives, ensuring focused, meaningful action.

IT teams and leaders, alongside stakeholders, wanted to shift from a reactive to a proactive, collaborative, and iterative approach towards value creation. Adopting the Value Stream model and adaptive leadership frameworks they sort better collaboration and trust among academic, administrative, and tech teams. The challenge was to use new ways of working to move to a unified, empirical approach to innovation, while still delivering crucial results.

Our Solution

  • Restructuring Technology into Value Streams and introduced ‘chapters’ to improve flow of value and shared learning.
  • Began transitioning from project to product orientation, injecting specialised support to newly formed product teams.
  • Strategic Landscape mapping to connect for leaders cross-organisational strategies to desired initiatives and demonstrate their execution pathways (or lack of).  
  • Commencing the cultural shift and enabling system pull by connecting how people work, with what they work on.
  • Rolling out and enhancing the approach to Objective Key Results (OKRs) at the senior leadership level to improve focus on outcomes.
  • Introduced Strategic Roadmapping to link stakeholder strategy, through demand management to delivery execution.
  • Establishing Quarterly Delivery Cycles (QDC) to improve clarity of alignment between strategy and delivery as well as improving the businesses’ ability to adapt rapidly.
  • Use of Value Mapping on critical workflows and process to enable lean efficiency targets.
  • Provided coaching for leaders to navigate and manage transformational change.


  • 4 Value Streams Launched with 2 platforms in design
  • ‘We quickly discovered and developed a Proof of Concept around program planning in 6 weeks instead of 6 months’
  • Improved alignment between delivery teams and strategic initiatives
  • Increased clarity in decision making
  • Increased understanding of ‘noisy’ strategic landscape teams are operating in.
  • Shifted operating models and ways of working to enable better workflows
  • Increased focus on customer and outcomes

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