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Commonwealth Bank Agile Transformation and Recruitment Drive

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Rob Gaunt
on May 29, 2024
CBA's bold Agile Transformation

Recruitment of Agile Coaches and Chapter Leads

If you’re an Agilist in Sydney, chances are CBA has reached out to you. Their recent aggressive recruitment drive underscores the bank’s strategic emphasis on fostering agility throughout the organisation. This focus is particularly evident in their approach to hiring Agile Coaches and Chapter Leads, including many former EPiC employees, highlighting the high demand for experienced Agile professionals.


The Pace Program

The Pace program is central to CBA’s transformation strategy. It’s about more than just new processes; it’s about fostering a culture of continuous improvement and innovation. By breaking down traditional silos and encouraging cross-functional collaboration, CBA aims to create a more responsive, customer-focused organisation.


Strategic focus on Agile Coaching

Industry Trends and Strategic Focus

While many organisations are moving towards “Delivery Partners,” who combine coaching with direct project responsibilities, CBA is doubling down on specialised Agile coaching. This investment reflects a strategic decision to establish strong foundational agility practices first. By focusing on agility as a strategic capability, CBA aims to become a truly agile organisation, impacting all areas of the business from leadership to operational efficiency and organisational culture.


Extended Workforce Panel

CBA’s coaching community expansion includes the creation of an extended workforce panel, with EPiC recently moving to the interview stages for our coaches. This panel will give CBA access to a broader pool of skilled Agile professionals, supporting their transformation efforts and ensuring that targeted skills and capability are brought online where they need it and just-in-time.


Technological Advancements

CBA’s Agile transformation is supported by significant technological upgrades, including a major migration to Atlassian’s cloud solutions. These tools are essential for maintaining high agility and efficiency in operations.

Future Outlook

With the Pace program and strategic hiring of Agile Coaches and Chapter Leads, CBA is well-positioned to reap the benefits of business agility. This approach not only enhances delivery but also improves leadership, operational efficiencies, and organisational culture. CBA sets a strong example for other financial institutions on the importance of investing in agility to stay competitive in a rapidly changing market.

Join the EPiC Team

If you’re interested in joining the EPiC team at CBA, please reach out to us at your earliest convenience and let’s lock in a time to meet. 

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