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Generative AI and Change & Communications

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Biunca Hooper
on October 10, 2023
What does generative AI mean for Change and Communications?

The world continues to change at pace around us, with technology continuing to transform not only the way we work, but how we create and communicate.

AI, which was once in a realm reserved for a select few, now sits alongside us as part and parcel of our daily tasks from checking our grammar, searching for content, creating imagery and analysing data. 

So what does this mean for Change and Communications?  Will a quick prompt in ChatGPT write and deliver your comms for you? Will chatbots serv up knowledge removing the need for training? Will automation nullify the need for processes and documentation?

The answer might be, well yes … in time, but there’s more to change than that.

Will AI be able to fully support people on a change journey? Will it engage hearts and minds?  Will it get people involved in the change to improve it? Will it be able to create and manage intricate communication or change strategies?  Will it be able to foster the culture you aim for? No… at  least not yet.  

Will Generative AI replace the need for Communications and Change Management?

No – and here’s why it’s actually creating a higher demand for it instead.

  • Information Overload: The digital age is flooded with data. Keeping up can be daunting, and overwhelming for our teams
  • Swift Technological Evolution: As change continues to accelerate, deciding what skills to hone becomes a challenge, especially for the less tech-savvy.
  • Tech Dependency: Over-reliance might create isolated pockets and reduce human interaction and connection across the business.
  • Quality Discernment: Amidst AI-generated content, distinguishing credible sources becomes harder.
  • Mental Well-being: Constant screen time, exposure to vast amounts of data and the rush to stay updated can contribute to stress, anxiety, and other mental health challenges
  • Ethical Concerns: AI-generated content, like deepfakes, blurs the line between genuine and fabricated, leading to distrust of information.

How Change and Communications experts can keep pace with AI

As Generative AI itself propels the rate of change – businesses must also communicate faster and adapt to rapid changes in real-time.  To keep pace, it’s critical for Change and Communications experts to revolutionise their own practices, leveraging AI to:

  • Speed up content generation with its ability to generate human-like language
  • Target communications through Personalisation – leveraging its ability to deal with vast amounts of data to tailoring content to suit individual or specific business unit needs
  • Increase engagement of communications by leveraging video, and art generative AI tools to increase the variety and effectiveness of communication at what would previously have been at prohibitive costs
  • Reduce the need for knowledge based training through AI-powered chatbots, and make other training shorter and more effective.
  • And finally, get insights on change effectiveness and adoption, through AI analysing data and feedback 

But, as Change and Communications professionals harness AI, you need to keep front of mind

  • Change Saturation: People have limits on change assimilation.
  • Employee Experience: Maintaining a view of the overall employee journey through the change, and leveraging Human Centred Design
  • Well-being: Prioritise employee mental health.
  • Ethics: Ensure genuine and ethical messaging.
  • Continuous Learning: As AI automates tasks, forecast ahead and prioritise employee reskilling

Now is the time for Change and Communication Practices to re-evaluate and rethink how their organisation is leveraging AI and how change is managed, prioritised and communicated in this new age. 

The future is here, and it’s powered by Generative AI. Embrace the change, evolve your practices, and stay ahead in this exciting journey.  Contact us to find out more. 

Case Study

Watch the video blog version of this article made using generative AI.

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