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Scale training Partnership with a Large Australian Insurance Organisation

Rapid Industry-Aligned Training to New Corporate Language and New Ways of Working

The challenge

  • Ensure language consistency aligned with industry standards.
  • High trainer competency to deliver effective and engaging training sessions.
  • Accommodate multiple delivery, including virtual and in-person sessions.
  • Comprehensive training for both leaders and teams.
  • Utilise industry-based training materials.

Our solution

  • Enhance EPiC learning experiences to align with new language, practices, and cultural expectations.
  • Iterate initial learning experiences, supported through feedback mechanisms on trainers and courseware.
  • Establish dedicated external coordination support utilising EPiC’s infrastructure and tools.
  • Real-time reporting and feedback mechanisms on facilitators, courseware, and experience, visible to all stakeholders.


  • Enhanced alignment with organisational goals and improved adoption of new ways of working.
  • Continuous improvement in training and increased confidence in new practices among employees.
  • Increased transparency and accountability, fostering trust and engagement among stakeholders.
  • Flexibility in training delivery, regardless of location.
+230 staff trained
+15 courses delivered
4.2/5.0 – Content applicability
4.7/5.0 – Instructor expertise
51 NPS – Strong likelihood of facilitator recommendation

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