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Introducing the Value Management Office (VMO)

The Future of Value Stewardship

At EPiC, we recognize the challenges many PMOs face with Agile Delivery principles and the perception of being a delivery handbrake. However, we believe in a future for the PMO centered on value through Enterprise Agile Transformation Services rather than daily project operations.

That’s where the VMO comes in.

The VMO is firmly rooted in its core values, placing a strong emphasis on value delivery above all else. Unlike traditional approaches that may be fixated on project operations and day-to-day tasks, the VMO’s primary mission is to ensure that every initiative aligns with and delivers tangible, measurable value to the organisation.

To achieve this, the VMO places a premium on close alignment with the organisation’s strategic objectives. This alignment enables the VMO to gain a deep understanding of the driving forces behind each initiative. It’s not just about completing tasks; it’s about knowing why those tasks matter and how they contribute to the overarching goals of the business.

The VMO takes a holistic approach to value realisation. It helps teams establish clear measures for success, so they know exactly when an initiative is delivering value and when it’s time to pivot or conclude efforts. This approach safeguards the organisation from investing heavily in initiatives that may not yield the expected returns, promoting a mindset of validating hypotheses and delivering value incrementally.

To execute its mission effectively, the VMO leverages Lean and Agile Ways of Working. These methodologies provide the flexibility and adaptability needed to pivot swiftly in response to changing circumstances while always keeping the focus squarely on the VMOs core values (see table below):


The VMO drives a culture of value stewardship, championing principles that prioritize value realization, adaptability, and continuous improvement. Through Enterprise Agile Transformation Services in Australia, the VMO continually seeks to improve its processes, eliminate waste, and streamline operations to achieve the highest value with minimal overhead.

Helping you to make the transition from PMO to VMO

We understand that the transition to a VMO can be a challenging process, but it is necessary to remain competitive in today’s business environment.  At EPiC, we have developed a VMO advisory service that is designed to provide organisations with the processes, tools and support they need to make this transition. Find out more…

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